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Partnering is central to Noven’s growth strategy. Collaborative, mutually beneficial industry partnerships and other alliances helped establish Noven as a dynamic and growing company. These alliances helped us build the business Noven enjoys today, including fully integrated transdermal product development, manufacturing, and commercial sales capabilities. We are confident that our continued emphasis on establishing and fostering partnerships will mean further success for our partners and for Noven as we expand the population of patients who benefit from our products and technologies.

Noven seeks meaningful partnerships along a broad spectrum of potential transaction structures, including:

  • Product acquisitions and in-licensing arrangements to strengthen our product portfolio
  • Co-marketing or co-promotion arrangements that leverage our own or our partner’s commercial capabilities
  • Joint venture arrangements in which we pool strengths and resources to achieve a shared commercial objective
  • Product development arrangements to bring new, differentiated products to market, often taking advantage of Noven’s industry-leading transdermal expertise
  • Other flexible commercial arrangements that do not fit traditional structures or that extend beyond our current therapeutic focus areas

From our history of successful partnerships, we know that the key to success is for both parties to identify and commit to a shared vision with well-defined goals. We also know the importance of a streamlined business development process that emphasizes flexibility, focus, efficiency, and transparency in communications and dealings, with the goal of forming a creative “win-win” strategic alliance that benefits both parties.

And we know that even the strongest partnerships can benefit from mid-course adjustments as they develop and evolve. Our alliance management team makes sure that happens and that the ongoing needs of both partners are always considered and addressed.

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