Areas of Interest

Noven is focused on creating successful partnerships that strengthen our commercial capabilities in our key areas of focus, particularly those that can leverage our transdermal expertise and proven specialty sales capabilities.

We have an active product development pipeline of our own, but seek to supplement internal activities through new strategic business opportunities, including product acquisitions, co-marketing/co-promotion arrangements, and joint development arrangements.

Transdermal Drug Delivery – Noven's Mission includes a commitment to advancing patient care through transdermal drug delivery. Noven's advanced transdermal technologies represent the leading edge in drug-in-adhesive platforms for transdermal drug delivery. These are the technologies behind XELSTRYM® (dextroamphetamine) transdermal system, CII, the first and only patch approved for the treatment of ADHD in children and adolescents; MINIVELLE® (estradiol transdermal system), the smallest estrogen therapy patch in the world; the first and only patch for ADHD, DAYTRANA® (methylphenidate transdermal system); the first combination two-drug patch, COMBIPATCH® (estradiol/norethindrone acetate transdermal system); and the first and only FDA-approved patch for schizophrenia in adults, SECUADO® (asenapine) transdermal system. Supporting these products and technologies are state-of-the-art transdermal manufacturing operations (inspected by the FDA, DEA, and international regulatory authorities) with the aggregate capacity to produce several hundred million patches per year, including those containing Schedule II controlled substances. Noven seeks new partnerships and alliances in transdermal drug delivery (both passive and active delivery technologies), with an emphasis on new collaborative development projects to bring the benefits of transdermal delivery to a broader patient population.

Leveraged Opportunities – Noven is interested in strategic partnership opportunities in other therapeutic areas or with non-traditional structures that could combine or leverage complementary strengths and create a mutually beneficial alliance for both partners. Noven offers substantial expertise in product development, world-class transdermal manufacturing, and a proven and experienced commercial infrastructure, all of which are poised to support a successful partnership rooted in mutual trust and respect.

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